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1000+ Penny Miser Member

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Posted - 05/29/2010 :  13:27:13  Show Profile Send NDFARMER a Private Message
Boy you said a mouthful Thogey. She probably doesn't like it because it is the one thing in life I like doing. I asked her if she would rather have me spend time and money in the bar instead of sorting coins and going to coin auctions. I was old enough to know better too when I got married I was 31. I would never do it again.

COPPER - the "poormans" precious metal!!!

SELLING - $100.00 face copper shipped to you for $189.00 machine rolled or bagged - PM me if your interested.
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1000+ Penny Miser Member

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Posted - 05/29/2010 :  13:47:01  Show Profile Send thogey a Private Message
Originally posted by rosco

Married for 49 years an looking forwared to 20 more plus. No it's not a bowl of cherries all the time but mostly it is.
We enjoy each other an do things together, Rock hounding traveling for three months to chase the sun. we worked an did some saving while young, an our parents were savers also , thus we inherited money from both sides an that let us do some big trips that we are GLAD we took an have stories to tell about the trips. I did not start on collecting sorting buying copper silver until last year but I think we would still have taken the trips an just as now get into coins on a budget. Our sons are OK with most of what we do an will enjoy what they get when we die. I don't know the answer for all but think that respect for each other an sharing your faith together is what works for US.


We'll, like I've written in another thread.

Love is not a feeling it's something you do. It's a commitment.

My commitment is lifelong. But I would rather spend 3 months chewing on steel wool that spend it cooped up in an RV with my better half.

As far as estate planning. I plan on leaving nothing behind.

But we all plan......and God laughs

Come to the new and improved realcent:

Edited by - thogey on 05/29/2010 13:49:44
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Penny Sorter Member

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Posted - 07/13/2010 :  21:15:17  Show Profile Send GoldBullLion a Private Message
Great topic! Very interesting.
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1000+ Penny Miser Member

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Posted - 07/21/2010 :  00:41:29  Show Profile Send wolvesdad a Private Message
well..... it kinda got off topic.

And we haven't got that rough draft yet...

And I haven't made any headway either!

thwppppsssss! 8-P~~

"May your percentages ever increase!"
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Penny Sorter Member

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Posted - 07/27/2010 :  11:12:45  Show Profile Send mauk13r a Private Message
My better half will probably do better than I ever could as she is a very savvy barterer....
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Penny Pincher Member

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Posted - 07/31/2010 :  23:16:02  Show Profile Send Beau a Private Message
I don`t have to worry about that I`am not married, and don`t plan to be.
my brother does not know about coins and Bullion, but I showed him what I have and that got him interested.
He wanted to know what got me interested, so I said the silver penny I got in change when buying a model car at 5 years old.

He even went to his first coin show 2 weeks ago.
I introduced him to the coin dealer I buy from.
I told him he was the only honest dealer out of over 100 that were at the show.

He wants to learn more, so I told him anytime.

I don`t plan on going anywhere soon, but a Buddy of mine did this week Burried Thursday.

if my brother goes first, then I have a problem.

train a 19 year old girl that I raised until she was 3 and she still comes around when she is home.

she is an airline attendant in the summer in Minnesota, and here in the winter.
she is like my own, but she saw the collection too, and she said I don`t want to know about coins.
I want the money, so she will be back in the fall and go to coin show with me.
I hope she will get interested, but if she don`t I have a problem.
I will tell her to sell to the dealer I buy from or here on RC.

I know who is in charge God Knows I want to stay around for a long time.
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Penny Sorter Member

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Posted - 08/12/2010 :  13:54:55  Show Profile Send Fatboy a Private Message
Link to another forum that has a thread similar to this:

You must be logged in to see this link.

Sorry about that. I logged out of and then tried the link, looks like one has to be a member to read it. It is another well run, small forum that is mostly "survival types".

Edited by - Fatboy on 08/12/2010 13:59:02
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New Member

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Posted - 09/04/2010 :  19:49:05  Show Profile Send hawkeye a Private Message
Great question and so important. Before I became interested in PMs and coin collecting, my grandma passed away. (About 4 years ago) My dad and aunt had no idea what her coins were worth and some idiot told my aunt that they weren't worth much more than face value. So they took them to the bank. Around $1,000 worth of walkers, franklins, morgans, peace dollars, indian heads, etc. Somebody was very, very happy after that. It makes me sick to think about it. Hopefully, that will not happen to my coins and PMs.
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Posted - 09/08/2010 :  20:12:03  Show Profile Send BamaJoe a Private Message
Ok, I'm off topic here, but with the exception of Rosco it sounds like there should be a thread on how to chose a wife.

17 years here with my little island girl and the best part of my day is still walking in the door at home.
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