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Posted - 07/07/2010 :  18:01:27  Show Profile Send Spikeanator6982 a Private Message
Anyone else think that most of the United States coins are dull. Going back in our history we had some beautiful coins. We used to have some "no name" people on our coins to honor the Native Americans and Liberty busts( a bit over used in some cases). We used to have something on the front and the back usually didn't directly relate to the front.

examples- older US coins

-Wheat penny 1909-1958 (49 years)- Lincoln on the front Wheat on the back
-Indian Head penny 1859-1909 (50 years)- Indian princess on the front wreath and shield on back
-buffalo nickel 1913-1938 (25 years)- Indian chief on front buffalo on back
-Mercury Dime 1916-1945(29 years) winged liberty on front and (copied from wiki) "a fasces juxtaposed with an olive branch, was intended to symbolize America's readiness for war, combined with its desire for peace."
-Washington quarter 1932-1998 (66 years)- washington of front, eagle on back
-Walking liberty half 1916-1947 (31 years) - Liberty one front and on back and eagle that looks ready to kick some...if need be
- Franklin Half- 1948-1963 15 years)

newer coins:

penny- from 1959-2009 (50 years) we had a penny with Lincoln on the front and the Lincoln memorial on the back
nickel- (1938-current) (72 years) except the lewis and clark ones we have Jefferson on front and Montecello(Jefferson's home) on the back
Roosevelt dime- 1946-current (64 years) Roosevelt one front and torch oak and olive branch on back
Kennedy Half 1964-current (46 years)- Kennedy on front and seal of the president on back

Quarters 1999-2016+?- a beautifully designed front with ever changing reverse
newest cent 2010-? - same Lincoln front but very nice back

I don't know about you guys but i think the nickel, dime, and half are in need of a change. The quarter and penny were but they have better designs now in my opinion. I really don't get the idea of taking the front, putting a persons face on it and putting the guys house, or a memorial for him on the back side. I mean seriously, the old Lincoln pennies, Lincoln honored on front and a building honored on the back that was made to honor Lincoln. I bit over kill in my opinion to let that go 50 years, same with the nickel(except for some small details). the Kennedy half is just..well I think it needs a change.

1000+ Penny Miser Member

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Posted - 07/07/2010 :  22:23:21  Show Profile Send uthminsta a Private Message
I think a good design change would be nice. What ideas do you have? Anyone?

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Posted - 07/09/2010 :  16:11:59  Show Profile Send totalcount a Private Message
I'd like to see some fresh faces on the fronts. Lincoln has been on the penny for a hundred years, and it looks like he will be for another 50 (or until they stop making the penny). Lets get another round of presidents on the coins. I really like the reverse design of the presidental dollars.
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Penny Hoarding Member

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Posted - 07/25/2010 :  00:55:06  Show Profile Send Shattered a Private Message
Reagan on the half or dime would be awesome.

How about we put Obama on something?

"I need metal in my life, just like an eagle needs to fly."
-Joseph DeMaio : Die For Metal
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Penny Collector Member

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Posted - 07/25/2010 :  07:38:58  Show Profile  Send brian0918 an AOL message Send brian0918 a Private Message
They should put Obama on the copper-clad zinc 5 gram weight $100,000,000 coin coming out next year.

"The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master." -- Ayn Rand

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Posted - 07/26/2010 :  12:48:52  Show Profile Send misteroman a Private Message
^^^ no put him on the 3 dollar bill that's coming out. I'm betting the dime is going to be changed soon so should we start hoarding the semi keys?

Buying CU cents!!!! Paying 1.2 unlimited amounts wanted. Can pick up if near Ohio area.
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just carl
Penny Hoarding Member

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Posted - 07/30/2010 :  18:21:32  Show Profile Send just carl a Private Message
I think it's rather obvious that most replys want to stick with boring, no taste, plain, common, etc. types of coins we now have. As long as we put people, presedents or movie stars on coins and stamps, they look just plain, no taste, no beauty, etc.
So many like to brag about the Buffalo Nickel, Walking Liberty Halves, etc yet no one appears to want coins to look like that again.

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Penny Pincher Member

225 Posts

Posted - 08/06/2010 :  21:03:23  Show Profile Send Kiwiman a Private Message
hey just a heads up spike, you need to add one year to each coin design, like wheat, (49 years) should be 50 years because you have to count 1909 Indian head penny should be 51 years and so on.

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Posted - 08/06/2010 :  21:34:36  Show Profile Send fb101 a Private Message
Get rid of all dead presidents. Give me liberty or give me...... Hmmmmmm. Someone finish that for me, ok?

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1000+ Penny Miser Member

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Posted - 08/07/2010 :  13:09:15  Show Profile Send oober a Private Message
Keep the penny with Lincoln, all the others can be changed. I like the quarter reverse changes so I guess the quarter is alright for now.

I would personally love to see a change in one of the demomenations using an ever changing eagle, using all of the eagles from other issues. This series caould take awhile to complete, especially is all the early commemeratives are used.
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hobo finds
Penny Hoarding Member

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Posted - 08/08/2010 :  18:17:55  Show Profile Send hobo finds a Private Message
Originally posted by fb101

Get rid of all dead presidents. Give me liberty or give me...... Hmmmmmm. Someone finish that for me, ok?

They will all get to be on the dollar coins! What will happen when we are almost thru with the dollar program will they put out a coin with a past president who is still alive??
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Penny Hoarding Member

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Posted - 08/09/2010 :  13:39:03  Show Profile Send Cerulean a Private Message
Originally posted by hobo finds

They will all get to be on the dollar coins! What will happen when we are almost thru with the dollar program will they put out a coin with a past president who is still alive??

It is currently illegal under federal law to depict a living individual on a coin, or to depict a deceased person within two years of his or her death.

When the Presidential dollar series runs out of eligible candidates, it will end, and we won't know when for sure until 2016 or 2017. If Carter and Bush Senior are no longer alive by 2014, then they will be included in the dollar coin series, and the program will run until 2017. If they are still alive, then the series will end in 2016 with either the Ford or Reagan coin. The law is vague about the treatment of deceased former presidents who have living predecessors, so the inclusion of a Reagan coin is dubious. All deceased presidents are to be honored with a dollar coin,s but only in order of their service. So giving Reagan a dollar coin while Carter is still alive would violate the order of service requirement.

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