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 Nine Arguments for Investing in Molybdenum
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Nine Arguments for Investing in Molybdenum

Carlo Biancardi
Published 3/10/2011

Molybdenum is the new gold! Here are the reasons why :
#1 An investment will and should be in a precious metal needed for life to occur. Plants and animals need molybdenum to live. There is nothing more fundamental or basic than an element. We need elements to build or grow anything. We need molybdenum (an element) to grow any plant or life form. There are three types of elements: poisonous, inert and life giving. Which elements would you want to be around? Which elements would you keep away? Gold does not support life. Silver does not support life. As for platinum, palladium and rhodium, you can probably guess what I will say next. Molybdenum is the finest metal to be a part of (literally). Molybdenum has many uses. Invest now while it is cheap.

#2 Molybdenum has the lowest abundance of the life giving elements in the Earth's crust (other than industry useless selenium) at 1 ppm (0.0001%).

#3 Molybdenum has the sixth highest melting point of all the elements and by far the highest melting point (4,753 degrees Fahrenheit) of all the metals needed for life.

#4 If I were leaving Earth forever, I would build the ship out of molybdenum. I could grow hydroponic plants which need molybdenum and other life giving elements to survive. I would not bring gold with me.

#5 China has high rates of esophageal cancer because of low molybdenum amounts in the soil. To fertilize farmland you need one pound of molybdenum per acre (International Molybdenum Association) on a yearly basis. There are 2.2 billion acres of farmland in the USA, which clearly means there is not enough molybdenum for everyone.

#6 Nuclear power is not leaving, nor are oil and gas pipelines. Nuclear power plants need high molybdenum content stainless steel cooling pipes (8% molybdenum)because it prevents corrosion. Salty ocean water is very corrosive to the water cooling pipes. All nuclear power plants are near large bodies of water and need water for cooling the reactors. Pipelines use high amounts of molybdenum and will be using higher percentages of molybdenum content in the future to combat corrosion and reduce friction of crude oil delivery in the pipelines. Corroded infrastructure and new infrastructure will need molybdenum for the steel used. Molybdenum also greatly enhances steel strength.

Lucky #7 China is calling molybdenum a national resource and is limiting the mining of molybdenum because they know it is more valuable left in their mines and in the ground, they will buy from others at low cheap prices now. They will import this metal. The big news on how much they will limit the mining of molybdenum is due to come out in 2011.

#8 The total yearly amount of molybdenum mined and consumed is 500 million pounds. What does that amount look like? Well it's 150 meters x 150 meters x 1 meter high. That is not much at all. One huge project could easily consume this all.

#9 One investor could buy the whole planetís yearly molybdenum production for $8 billion dollars (January 2011). Molybdenum only costs $1 per ounce. In comparison, to buy all the gold that is available and that has ever been mined, it would cost you $7.4 trillion dollars (also January 2011) to buy the 375 million pounds of useless bling. disclosure. Please read.
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Think positive.
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