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 Dimes w your Pennies.... Only a Brinks Phenomenon?
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Posted - 03/02/2008 :  21:17:57  Show Profile Send wolvesdad a Private Message
After just going through 3 boxes of NFString in the last month I've come to a conclusion,
THey do a better job of catching those loose dimes...
In other words, that I can recall from my first box of NFSTring and the last three....There HAS NEVER been a 'darn dime' whereas Brinks you get them every 3rd box or so.

A useless observation I'm sure!

"May your percentages ever increase!"


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Posted - 03/02/2008 :  22:08:24  Show Profile Send misteroman a Private Message
I just got two dimes back to back in a hand roll today.Makes you think what the people are thinking.I've never gotten a dime in a NF box either.

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Penny Pincher Member

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Posted - 03/03/2008 :  00:47:07  Show Profile Send MormonMetal a Private Message
I've found dimes in just about every kind of roll. I think it just depends on what type of sorting machine they are using to go through loose coins. Some may acutally use weight and density, while other may only go by size. They are always a welcome suprise though.
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Penny Hoarding Member

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Posted - 03/03/2008 :  08:13:57  Show Profile Send TXTim a Private Message
Never have seen one in a CWI paper roll. They appear in plastic Brinks rolls and out of bags here for me.

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Penny Hoarding Member

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Posted - 03/03/2008 :  09:50:33  Show Profile Send starwarsgeek171 a Private Message
Not useless at all. Completely relevant.
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Penny Collector Member

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Posted - 03/03/2008 :  10:06:25  Show Profile Send cyberdan a Private Message
I mostly get them in hand rolls. I think there is a personal sorting wrapping machine that mistakes dimes a lot. When ever I see those shotgun wrappers with Royal Soverine on it I tend to get more dimes.

I always ask for hand wrapped rolls rather than boxes.
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Posted - 03/03/2008 :  14:38:05  Show Profile Send HoardCopperByTheTon a Private Message
I find them in Brinks rolls and in the Cointainer/Royal Sovereign rolls some folks use. Sometimes those lower end machines accidently drop a dime in the penny roll. Guess that makes the Brinks machines lower end. My rolling machine automatically ejects the dimes into an offsort box.

Brinks has solved this problem though. Now that they are sorting the copper out with another machine they are also keeping their dimes. I haven't found a single "darn dime" in any of the rolls from the new dud boxes.

If your percentages are low.. just sort more. If your percentages are high.. just sort more.

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Edited by - HoardCopperByTheTon on 03/03/2008 14:40:13
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New Member

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Posted - 03/03/2008 :  19:14:43  Show Profile Send canadianbullion a Private Message
I get dimes all the time in penny rolls here in Canada - and in Nickel rolls. Sometimes I think people might throw in a dime, if they don't have enough pennies or nickels to finish off a role. I've noticed them especially in roles with less than fifty coins, or forty in the case of nickels.

Buying Canadian Nickels!
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Penny Hoarding Member

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Posted - 03/03/2008 :  20:33:33  Show Profile Send Robarons a Private Message
Actually when I started posting sorting percents when I first joined back in Sept/Oct. this happed to be one of my first questions. Since the only $25 boxes around here are those String paper rolls I NEVER got dimes. I wondered how you even got 'darn dimes' from boxes (like it was loose or something, etc.)

However to date I have got one dime from those String boxes.

Robber Baron= Robarons
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1000+ Penny Miser Member

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Posted - 03/03/2008 :  21:30:49  Show Profile Send Tourney64 a Private Message
I'm averaging about 1 dime per 10 Brinks boxes.
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Penny Sorter Member

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Posted - 03/08/2008 :  00:00:16  Show Profile Send Loophole29 a Private Message
I get all my pennies from a company in Harrisburg, PA which isn't Brinks. I get dimes every so often.

Sorting in Jersey
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1000+ Penny Miser Member

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Posted - 03/08/2008 :  13:42:29  Show Profile Send NotABigDeal a Private Message
Haven't had a dime from a Brinks box in a long time.


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Posted - 03/08/2008 :  17:55:15  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message
I have found dimes frequently in hand-rolled pennies from the credit union... about a dollar's worth now.
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Posted - 03/09/2008 :  17:15:19  Show Profile Send aloneibreak a Private Message
ive found maybe 3 or 4 dimes in rolls over the last year. today found my first silver one though. 1948 but not sure on the mintmark. its flattened out to about the size of a penny and all scraped up. looks like a parking lot had its way with it. but hey - silver is silver right

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