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 First nickel box
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Posted - 08/08/2010 :  22:15:32  Show Profile Send rexmerdinus a Private Message
Just finished my first $100 in nickels. I must say, it's vastly different from doing pennies (I sort by hand). Less satisfying, in a way, since there are not nearly as many coins "harvested" per pound, minute, dollar, roll, etc.

I will, however, say that I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled out a 1968 and a 1940 in nearly BU condition. I almost missed the 1940 because it looked so new--steps are visible even in poor light!

Also pulled out a single war nickel, a bunch of pre-64's, a dozen or so pre-81 beavers, and 2 Ecuadoran 5-centavo pieces.

Alas, no roaming Buffalos.


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Posted - 08/08/2010 :  22:43:26  Show Profile Send jadedragon a Private Message
Not a bad haul. Lots of pure Ni for you.

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Posted - 08/09/2010 :  08:02:23  Show Profile Send fb101 a Private Message
That's a good box, extra for the Beavers, they're much rarer around me.

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Posted - 08/09/2010 :  13:52:41  Show Profile Send AGCoinHunter a Private Message
I get lots of Beavers.

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Posted - 08/09/2010 :  15:37:47  Show Profile  Send jonflyfish a Yahoo! Message Send jonflyfish a Private Message
Unlike penny boxes where you have to sort out the "melt value above face" vs "melt value below face", you can simply "harvest" the entire nickel box.
But what fun would that be? LOL
Don't worry, it won't be long before you have to "harvest" nickels out of circulation, just as they do in Canada.
Scrap metal planchets will be sent to the mint soon enough.

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Posted - 08/09/2010 :  18:01:14  Show Profile Send TheJonasCollegeFund a Private Message
I love beavers, too! Only got one so far in the stash. But I don't hunt for them that much. I think you had a great box!

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Posted - 08/21/2010 :  10:08:43  Show Profile Send rexmerdinus a Private Message
Originally posted by TheJonasCollegeFund

I love beavers, too! Only got one so far in the stash. But I don't hunt for them that much. I think you had a great box!

I'm practically in Canada, so I get a lot of their coins when I search boxes
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