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New Member

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Posted - 08/30/2010 :  11:58:02  Show Profile Send talonfoe a Private Message
Okay I guess its a simple question, or maybe a 2 part question.

How far would you drive/travel to get premium prices or any price of something you can NOT sell at local scrapyard (ie. e-waste in my area)? Or if you want to get more technical how much gross value ($ amount) would you accumilate before travelling 50-100 miles to get the premiums?

Since my local yard doesn't take e-waste and is on average a minimum of $0.20/lb lower on say #1/#2 copper I think to get fair value I will have to travel about 80 miles 1 way. The house I bought someone used as a electronic repair shop I think in the past. And they were nice enough to leave about 5 pc's, and more printer/copier/faxes. All older. And about 5 fullsize 15-19 in monitors. This is on top of what I accumilate myself. I was thinking a MINIMUM of $300 sale to make the trip worthwhile. Any insights from more active scrappers? Just opinions, what I do is what I choose not what I am told. Thanks.

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Posted - 08/30/2010 :  14:54:30  Show Profile Send PennySaved a Private Message
Would you get more money if you sold the printers/copiers/faxes on craigslist or in a big yard sale vs breaking them down and scrapping them?

You would be surprised how many people might buy junky electronics for parts or to try to fix up.

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Penny Sorter Member

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Posted - 08/30/2010 :  15:14:23  Show Profile Send cpthnsolo a Private Message
I expect everyone will have a different answer but for me I'm always looking to make $20/$25 an hour with whatever I do. As such I wouldn't make that trip for anything less than approximately $150 more than the local yard is paying. Time is money so unless you had quite a bit of stuff to turn in I don't see it being worth your while.

Btw, if you come across any oddball tools (You must be logged in to see this link.) investigate their worth before scrapping as some older tools can be worth quite a bit.
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Penny Sorter Member

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Posted - 08/30/2010 :  20:33:43  Show Profile Send messymessy a Private Message
It would take a LOT of scrap for me to justify that much driving for just a $.20 difference.

Unless you have over a ton, it's really not worth your trip. And if you did have a ton, you could probably get a better price locally anyhow.

Separate and sell your electronic scrap on Ebay.

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Dr. Cadmium
Penny Sorter Member

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Posted - 08/30/2010 :  21:56:38  Show Profile Send Dr. Cadmium a Private Message
The IRS standard mileage deduction is currently $0.50 per mile for business use. Assuming you have a legal business and your vehicle is personally owned you can pay yourself for the miles traveled. Talk to a CPA about this one, don't take tax advice from strangers on the internet!

Deduct the cost of gas. Example: $0.15 mile.

100 mile trip: (100 miles * $0.50/mile) - (100 miles * $0.15/mile) = $35

Then factor in time. Assume it's 4-hours round trip.

(Price difference per load + $35)/4 hours = $ per hour.

Then it's a factor of how much you want to make per hour.
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New Member

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Posted - 08/31/2010 :  17:00:34  Show Profile Send talonfoe a Private Message
I guess mainly its some of the stuff the local yard doesn't take or just has me toss in with scrap steel. Like power supplies pc components etc. Basic scrap I already plan to take to the local yard as the cost/lb ratio to haul wouldn't be worth it to me.

Mainly its the more valued things I mean to take to get a better price or any price for. $.20 a lb doesn't sem like alot but I figure to have about 250 lbs of it. Thats not counting extras like the pc stuff etc. So gas will be covered, which is normally my main exspence. I do not run a buisness or plan to right off the mileage.

I will prolly stockpile the items for quite awhile while using the local yard for basic drops. The local yard isn't as picky, so what I would have to completely break down to the nuts and bolts for the premium yard I can haul in whole to the local.

Thanks for the responces.
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Penny Pincher Member

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Posted - 08/31/2010 :  18:14:42  Show Profile Send abe a Private Message
I always take my scrap copper when I'm heading in the direction of the junkyard, never a special trip.
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